Laser cutting

The laser cutting is a preferred technology regardless you need single items from sheet material or in small or large series. It does not require additional tools and provides exceptional accuracy, quality of the cut and high output.

The laser cutting by FoxLaser is extremely effective technology that can process all types of structural and stainless steel, non-ferrous and precious metals, acrylic and their derivatives. 
The two main types of laser cutting systems are solid-state (LPSS / DPSS / Fiber) and gas laser (CO2). 
We at FoxLaser have both allowing us in practice to process all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and wide range of non-metal materials. 
We work upon customer requirement with vector “CAD” or graphic files: SolidWorks, Autocad, AdobeIllustrator, CorelDraw etc.
We develope the NC CAM laser cutting programs with MAZAK Smart System and Metalix CNCKad software.