FoxLaser - Fasteners
FoxLaser - Fasteners


FoxLaser is one of the few companies that offer different types of installation of specialized fasteners for sheet material.

Press mounting of fasteners
We can save a lot of time and unnecessary operations by installing fasteners in boxes and electronic products.
Unlike standard studs, rivets and rivet nuts, during press mounting the material is pressed along the fastener. The reason for this is that the fasteners are high-strength and do not change their geometry during installation. Some of their excellent applications include the mounting of electronic boards and other electronic components, as well as assembling metal products. In many cases they are also used as clean spacers.

Welding of fasteners
With FoxLaser you have the opportunity to take advantage of electric arc SRM welding in a gas environment of fasteners up to M16.
We also have the well-known stud welding machines with condense principle (CD-capacitor discharge), as well as CNC coordinate table for CD welding of fasteners up to M8 with a working area of 800x1000 mm.

Self-clinch fasteners installation

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