Waterjet cutting machine Technocut Proline by CMS

Waterjet cutting machine Technocut Proline by CMS

Fox Laser is set to install a Tecnocut Proline waterjet cutting machine. This waterjet cutting machine is manufactured by the Italian SCM Group, specifically through their metal processing division, CMS. Waterjet cutting ensures a process where no heat is applied, thus materials do not undergo structural changes typical of conventional methods, and it has virtually no limitations on the types of materials that can be cut. With this machine, we will be able to cut all metals, various non-metals such as plastics, stone, and glass (non-tempered), as well as composite and many other materials.

One of the key figures in the development of modern abrasive waterjet technology is Dr. Norman Franz, who conducted experiments with abrasive waterjet machines in the 1950s, demonstrating their effectiveness in cutting various materials. Boeing played a crucial role in the development of waterjet technology through its former research and development scientists who founded Flow Research in the early 1970s. This company later became Flow International Corporation, a leader in ultrahigh-pressure (UHP) waterjet technology.

Flow International continued to innovate and perfect the world's first abrasive waterjet system, which significantly advanced the technology, allowing for cutting virtually any material with high precision. This innovation has been critical in expanding the applications of abrasive waterjet cutting, achieving the desired effects for materials used in the aerospace industry.

We expect to start working for our customers first half of July 2024.

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