Dear partners,

In connection with the Decision from 13.03.2020 of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria on declaring a state of emergency on the territory of Republic of Bulgaria until 13.04.2020, as well as the instructions and prohibitions from Order No. RD-01-124/13.03.2020 from The Minister of Health, related to the measures for the restriction and non-proliferation of coronavirus COVID-19 on the territory of the country, we are forced to introduce a number of restrictions and reorganisation to our work, which practically leads to a restriction and disruption of the normal rhythm of production, respectively in our ability to adequately and in time to carry out our commitments to you.

We are essentially faced with an unforeseen and unavoidable event of an extraordinary nature that can be jointed with the understanding of "force majeure" within the meaning of the Commercial Law.

Following an emergency meeting of Fox Laser’s management staff to take action to prevent disruption to workflows and make decisions that will let Fox Laser as your trusted partner, we would like to inform you about the following points: 

1.     1. At the current moment there is no legal restriction that would make Fox Laser unable to fulfil its commitments to its clients.

2.     2. Fox Laser intends to comply with all of its commitments and to not refuse new manufacturing orders, at the behest of its contracting entities, as long as it has the legal right to carry out this activity.

3.     Fox Laser will operate in an emergency mode in the Republic of Bulgaria, namely:

a.     A large part of the administration will go into non-attendance (Home Office) work in order to protect our employees to the maximum;

b.     All departments in Fox Laser will be thinned out and switched to Two-Shift or Three-Shift mode - aiming to have a minimum staffing per square meter at the factory base;

c.      There is protective equipment at every entrance to the factory (protective masks, hand sanitizer), as well as specialists responsible for hygiene in the company, disinfecting all points that could be the cause of transmission of the infection.

d.     We are restricting the access of outside visitors to Fox Laser’s Base. All meetings are canceled until further notice. Access to the Base of Fox Laser is allowed only to employees and suppliers on a pre-arranged schedule and according to the safety restrictive measures.

4.     We have the assurance of our suppliers, at the current moment, that there will be no restriction on the supply of the necessary materials, for the fulfilment of the tasks assigned by you:

a.     At the moment, we are warned that the only unanticipated event that affects our teamwork is delaying deliveries. In practice, this can only affect the deadline of the delivery.

In connection with the aforementioned, Fox Laser wants to assure you that it will do everything within the existing legislation to fulfil its commitments to you.

In a situation of force majeure, in order to be able to meet our obligations to suppliers and partners in the production of client products, we would like to inform you that we are undergoing an emergency order acceptance procedure, which is described below:

In order to ensure a continuous workflow, regardless of the current global situation, we kindly ask you to:

1.     Upon receipt of the order and before its start - 70% advance payment;

2.     After production of the products and before shipping - 30% of the value of the order;

3.     Shipping costs, as well as packing costs, where Fox Laser is committed, will be provided as information in advance, with an expected pre-shipment payment.

We ask for your understanding and empathy to the current situation. The desire of Fox Laser, as a long-standing partner of hundreds of companies, is to remain true to both our clients and our suppliers and employees.

Stay healthy and thank you for your partnership, we believe that this state of emergency will only make us better at what we do and will be a prerequisite for a better partnership between Fox Laser and its partners.


From the Management of FoxLaser PLTD