We’re following all relevant international exhibitions to be sure that the FoxLaser equipment is of world class level. That’s why we have the most state-of-the-art facility in the field of sheet metal processing. 

CNC 2D Laser systems

for cut-out of sheet material – 7 pcs, max. dimension 4000х2000х20mm

AMADA LCG-3015AJ 6kW Fiber laser + ASF EU + TK L fully automated laser cutting system with maximal working bed size 3000x1500mm. Connected to automated tower storage for loading and unloading of metal sheets and sorting the finished parts,  Because of the fiber-laser beam, it is highly suitable for the processing of carbon and stainless steel, aluminium, brass and other non-ferrous metals within thin to medium range of thickness.

CNC 3D Laser systems

for cut-out of tube materials and profiles– 1 pcs, max. dimension Ф 220, 6500х10mm

ADIGE BLM LT8 CO2 CNC 3D tube laser cutting machine for tubes and profiles. Power 3.5kW; max. length of the bar 6500хФ220х10.0mm. Fully automated system for loading raw bars and automatic unloading finished parts with sizes up to 3500mm. Flexible working system due to the possibility of a manual feeding mode of the raw material. The laser cut-out of circle and rectangular pipes and tubes, as well as open profiles, is favored all over the world because of its high productivity and perfect results.

CNC press brakes

8 pcs., max. bend length 4000mm

АMADA HG 2204 CNC 4000mm hybdrid, servo-hydraulic press-brake bending machine. Allowing next generation 3D controller to view the bending details and receive external programming directly from the 3D models. Additional equipment of the HG: BI-S - active angle measurement tools in both sides of the part, two sheet followers up to 75kg and active down beam compensate crowning of the longer parts, TDS: detection of the thickness of the sheet material.

FoxLaser invests in a vast number of different tools in order to be able to satisfy every customers’ needs in metal sheet bending. We are also equipped with tools exclusively made for stainless steel bending.

CNC punch centers

for cut-out of sheet material – 4 pcs, max. dimension 3000х1500х3mm

AMADA EM MII 3612 CNC twin AC servo drive punching machine with thick turret system and bed size 3000x1500mm. The thick turret allows 44 different tools to be loaded simultaneously into the machine and have 4 indexing and 4 MPT tapping stations. EMZ machine runs with active die which allows up- and down-forming in proces. High precision machine suitable for processing all kinds of steel sheets up to 3.0mm thick; particularly preferred for galvanized materials. FoxLaser have a huge range of repeating tools in order to be able to produce large quantities of the same details in parallel and in short period of time. We are also equipped with special separate punching and forming tools for stainless steel processing.

CNC/NC and manual presses

for installation of self-clinching fasteners – 8 pcs, max. dimension М8

HAEGER 824 OneTouch 4e CNC self-clinch fastener insertion machine equipped with automatic feeders that allow the automated insertion of up to four different fasteners in one single part. We are processing PEM fasteners so that we can provide our customers with the highest level of quality, even in the smallest components of our production cycle.

CNC welding machine

for stud welding – 1 pcs, max. dimension М8

SOYER KTS 1050S CNC capacity discharge stud welding machine with two automatic feeders that allows the welding of studs up to M8 and 40mm in length onto material from 0.5mm to 3.0mm thick. The operating distance of the machine is 800x1050mm and its system allows the welding of different material studs such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass.

CNC machine for grinding and brushing

2 pcs, max dimensions

VIET SV3 CNC grinding and deburring machine for parts after laser cutting or punching. The machine has four grinding stages which allow the making of not only deburring, but also applying satin finish on the parts or on full sheets. With SV3 we cover all the requirements of standard ISO 13715 for not cutting external or internal edges of the parts.

Two automated powder coating lines

with max. dimension

Two Wagner+IdealLine automated powder coating lines. The new one with automatic powder guns with maximum part size up to 4000x1700x800mm and second one with manual powder guns up to 1500x1000x400mm. Since we use special chemicals in the chemical pretreatment tunnel, we can guarantee corrosion resistant class C2 or 504 hours resistance in a salt spray test. Better corrosion resistance - C5 (1500 hr salt spray test) can be achieved by applying a layer of zinc primer before the powder coating.

Three-axial measurement arm

VQC optical measuring machine for parts up to 2000x1250 mm

AMADA VQC-1220 optical measuring machine which allows the control of the quality of the parts after laser cutting. Working with CCD camera, the machine checks for coincidence between CAD file (DWG, DXF) and the real part and then makes a report of it. This helps us to always have the correct part and to start mass production with the right cutting file. This also prevents us from serial bad production even in its first stage.